Hot Trends for 2017 - Article for The Australian Furniture Association

Hot trends for 2017

Now is the perfect time to shake off those “Winter Blues” and create a new look for your home to make it Summer ready!  

Grainne Devlin, Creative Director at Brisbane based Interior Design firm, Design & Co shares her insights into the 5 hottest trends to help you get your home ready for the coming season.

  1. Show-Off your clutter

"The days of absolute minimalism have gone", says Grainne, "it’s now time to make your house look like a home again! We’ve been hiding our precious treasures away for too long, its time to create beautiful visual displays and put the detail back into our houses, making them softer, cosy and more lived in. Don't go overboard though - too many pieces on display and it can become overpowering!" 


2.  Metals, Metallics and Semi-precious stones


Metallics are ever evolving,  and Grainne foresees we will move away from shiny metallics towards matte finishes and oxidised metals. “I love to see furniture and decor items made using chunks of quartz and agate combined with rich timbers and metals.  Dressing your doors with handles in brass and semi-precious stone will be a big part of our interiors in 2017. A definite move away from copper, Bronze, Brass and Gun Metal or pewter are the metals to use, especially in bathrooms and kitchens."




  (handles from Hepburn Hardware)


3. Sustainability

The days of the ‘throw away” culture for interior items are gone according to Grainne. Furniture pieces that are made to last and are reusable are essential for the modern interior, with many homes using reclaimed and restored furniture. Now is the time to get Nana’s table from the attic and have it restored or even remodelled with a contemporary twist. "Design & Co clients are increasingly asking for bespoke pieces made by skilled craftsmen which are durable and long lasting, and will be handed down over generations. These custom pieces will complete the luxury look for many home interiors in 2017." 

4. Escapism

As we spend more and more time in front of computers or smart devices during the day, we will seek to create a tranquil haven of calmness where we can escape to in our homes. Nooks and hideaways with relaxing furniture - deep sofas, oversized floor cushions and textured chunky weaves and soft cottons will give us that chill out place to relax - and, ok, probably catch up on our instagram feeds!  Bringing the ‘outdoors in” will also help create this calming environment with huge plants creating internal green spaces, making it feel like summer indoors!

5 Colour

Grainne predicts that green and blue will be the key colours in many interior spaces next year. "Vibrant emeralds combined with rich royal blue tones will help create a commanding atmosphere in any home, especially if mixed with metallics. At the lighter end of the spectrum, a soft aqua hue teamed with a soft jade or sage green will bring a hint of summer to any corner.  Playful bright accent tones of deep coral and vivid yellow will be balanced with a sophisticated dark navy base to create a palette that is both optimistic in attitude and contemporary in aesthetic."