Jewel Colours

There really isn't a colour which we at Design & Co don't like, however as we absolutely love the richness and warmth being created in many homes by the vibrant jewel tones at the moment, we thought we'd take the opportunity to share the love!

Our favourites are emerald green, sapphire blue, and rich warm amethyst. We've selected our favourite ways to use these colours within interior spaces,  and hope you too will fall in love with the opulence which can be created if these colours are used effectively.  

                                                      All images in this blog courtesy of Pinterest

                                                      All images in this blog courtesy of Pinterest

The darkness of the charcoal walls and flooring make the bright sapphire blue sofa and blue green of the rug pop, coupled with the beautiful gold accents, this creates a room which is luxuriously timeless.

Did you know that green takes up more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye and it is the dominant colour in the natural. It is therefore a natural choice in interior design and is used a lot as an ideal background colour because we are so used to seeing it everywhere. The emerald in this chair is the perfect choice for this interior space.

Our first choice for the beautifully rich amethyst is from the Caesarstone Concetto collection. This stunning (and surprisingly practical!) surface for your home has the added bonus of being able to be back lit to further enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Call us if you'd like to find out more about using this stunning product in your home.

If you love what you see so far - it's easy to add these rich warm colours to your existing scheme, why not start with the basics - perhaps update a tired chest of drawers with a splash of emerald green like these below.

Another way to add colour is to use a wall covering. There is a great selection of wall coverings available today, and its so easy to update your room with even one feature wall. This stunning grass weave is available from Design & Co via eurowalls, and comes in a variety of colours, including a warm orange, or this beautiful teal blue and silver.


You can also add these beautiful colours with accessories - the Design & Co team can source a wide range of these for you - have a browse through some favourites below, and contact us if we can help with your interior solutions.