What is good DESIGN?

Design really is all around us.

It can be great - like those beautifully designed heels that are oh so comfortable, or, it can be poor - like that impossible to open milk carton!  Something which is well designed not only looks great, but more importantly, it can make our every day life easier, which is why we want to be surrounded by good design wherever we can.

A well designed home is one which fits you and your family. It should not be a place where you have to learn to just 'live with it' (especially if it is your forever home), but rather your ideal home should work around you and your lifestyle. It's almost (but not quite) like having your own butler!  Everything you need is right there - just where it should be. 

If you are building or renovating, of course it is extremely important to think about the aesthetics and how you want things to look - but you also have to think about how you live your life every day and make sure you plan your new environment around this.

Quite often it is the simplest things which we overlook - like having a secure place close to the entrance door for keys so you are not constantly searching for them, or having corner drawers in a kitchen rather than a large deep corner cupboard which you can't reach in the kitchen!

Here are some simple, practical ideas to consider when you are creating new spaces:


Storage. Large awkward platters and trays are often forgotten about when designing your kitchen. Why not create a custom spot in a space which can often be wasted - perhaps above the fridge or at the very bottom of your larder / pantry, and store serving plates and other large items neatly in customised vertical shelving.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Select the right bench top height for you. This may sound obvious, but quite often it is overlooked. Remember if you spend a lot of time cooking, baking and of course cleaning - you want to make sure you are working at a height which is comfortable for you.



Storage, storage and more storage.  Some bathroom designs, whilst are aesthetically appealing, lack the storage space for things we need every day. No one wants to have everything sitting out on the vanity in full view - so walk through your morning and evening routine and have a practical storage solution which flows with your routine. Remember you will want easy access for hairdryer, make up, creams, toothbrush (not forgetting a spot for the charger!).  Even more storage solutions for the kids bathroom for hiding away those bath time toys! 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest


Walk In Robe

Shoes & Accessories. Of course I have to start with shoes! Believe it or not - the shoe section of a robe is often forgotten as many people get caught up in the shelving or drawers dilemma. There are may different ways to store our shoes, I like to have mine visible, so I can choose which ones at a glance rather than having to open boxes.  A simple open shelf (with tilted shelves to reduce the width required) is a great effective solution for any walk in robe. How many shelves you require is really dependant on the quantity of shoes you own. The same principle applies to jewellery - a built in jewellery box, or even pretty hanging hooks for chunky necklaces can save time hunting for that perfect piece.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Good Design is all about you


While it is extremely important that your home looks fabulous, don't forget the importance of practically designed superb spaces. Think about how you live, and plan around this.

Good design is often the simplest tried and tested idea - there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Good design is there to make things better and easier for you and how you live.

Most of all - make sure you enjoy your space!